'Modi' means 'Man Of Damage to India': Congress

Ahmedabad,After Narendra Modi hurled the 'RSVP' jibe at it, the Congress returned the barb, labelling him as a 'Man Of Damage to India'--(MODI).Giving all credit to Gujarati people for the state's development, Congress national spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi lambasted the BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate for taking all the credit and hiding vital information from the people.

At a press conference here, Singhvi also called BJP as the 'Bharat Jalao Party', referring to Modi's comment on the Gandhi family yesterday, when Modi asked the Congress to explain the 'RSVP' (Rahul Sonia Vadra Priyanka) model."I don't know how true RSVP is, but, my RSVP response to Modi is that he is a 'Man Of Damage to India' -- MODI. BJP is Bharat Jalao Party" said Singhvi, who also accused BJP of divisive politics and provoking "brother against brother".
He was referring to Bihar BJP leader Giriraj Singh's jibe yesterday, where Singh said that anti-Modi people would have to flee to Pakistan after election results."Singh's comment shows that BJP believes in creating a rift between communities and dividing the nation for their benefit, but today, I am here to talk about Modi's false and misleading propaganda about development in Gujarat.I have no problem admitting that Gujarat has prospered, but that is because of the enterprising nature of the Gujarati people; not because of BJP or Modi being chief minister," said Singhvi.
Modi while continuing his cut and thrust with the Congress on graft said the party stood for 'ABCD' of corruption where 'A was for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors, and C for coalgate and so on.' 

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