Strategic Marketing Services to Launch a Comprehensive Home Buyer's Guide

BANGALORE, Strategic Marketing Services is launching an exclusive Home Buyer's Guide for the benefit of potential home buyers across India on June 6, 2014. The guide includes a dedicated segment for NRIs interested in making property investments in India. This aims to save them from spending much time and money on mediators and brokers for legal formalities.
Scanning information from various sources and spending hours on the internet to make that buying decision will take a back seat with the launch of the book. Home Buyer's Guide will provide a wealth of practical information to home buyers pertaining to issues like fluctuating land prices, dreaded bank loan formalities, secured localities, and state laws and regulations. The guide has been strategically scheduled to be launched in the first week of June, just when the first quarter of the financial year comes to a close and professionals usually start looking for investment options.
Home Buyer's Guide also comes with a promotional and demand generation forum for realtors. With multi-listing portals dominating the search behavior of the majority of home buyers, this guide will assist them in making informed decisions easily. Some of the added features of the guide are dedicated segments for budget, mid-income, premium and NRI home buyers, expert tips by representatives from banks, real estate industry, and analysts. It also includes advertising and partnership s, state government regulations of 29 states and much more.
"The legal as well as taxation s of the real estate industry being dynamic, the aim of this resource is to provide home buyers, realtors and financial institutions a streamlined and comprehensive manual for reference," said Suresh Thomas, GM, Strategic Marketing. "With an extensive experience with realty clients, Strategic Marketing Services has a grip on the nuances of the industry. The Home Buyer's Guide is an initiative aimed at adding value to everyone in the realty sector."

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