New govt in India provides opportunity for collaboration: US

Washington,A new government in India provides an ideal opportunity to turn areas of contention into areas of collaboration, according to a top US trade official, who underlined that America has made its intentions clear that it does not favour a confrontist approach. 

"The remarkable history of this bilateral relationship in just the last 20 years tells us that this is not only possible, but essential if the world's two largest democracies are to demonstrate successfully the defining partnership that President (Barack) Obama identified as a key feature of this century," said US Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman. In a blog on USTR website, after the release of the Special 301 Report in which the US did not list India under the punitive Priority Foreign Country as being demanded by a section of American businesses and lawmakers, Froman called for renewed and intensive engagement with India as elections conclude and new counterparts take office. 

"The election of a new government in India provides an ideal opportunity to turn areas of contention into areas of collaboration," he said. 
"In light of the election in India currently underway, we have decided to look to an Out-of-Cycle Review focused on India this Fall to evaluate our ongoing engagement on issues of concern with respect to India's environment for intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement," he wrote. 
Acknowledging the pressure from the industry and others, even as the US Government shared the same concerns on deteriorating environment for IP protection and enforcement in India, Froman explained that in determining how to proceed in this year's report, the USTR carefully considered the range of stakeholder views and how to most effectively make progress with respect to addressing these concerns. 
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