Won’t be part of government, insists Rajnath

New Delhi, BJP president Rajnath Singh has indicated that he will not be part of the government if his party comes to power after the Lok Sabha election.
“I am the president of the party. My responsibilities have been fixed beforehand. When I was not the president, I was in the government,” Rajnath Singh told here.The BJP chief’s assertion comes amid speculation that he is trying to don the mantle of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and project himself as a more “acceptable” alternative to those not comfortable with Modi’s perceived hardline image.Rajnath’s comment is also an indication that he prefers to head the party. But this, political observers said, would create two power centres within the BJP if Modi becomes the prime minister, not to forget the RSS, which is expected to pull the levers from outside.
Rajnath Singh also categorically said Narendra Modi will be the prime minister if the party comes to power.  “No matter what happens, under any circumstances, Modi will be India’s PM. I want to clarify this as president of the party, because just by sitting in an office, people can’t run a government,” he added.  ‘‘However, I have many colleagues who are capable and who should be given a chance in the government,” he said.

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