Reforms for Regulatory Commisions for PPPS

New Delhi,The Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Planning, Statistics and Programme Implementation and Defence Shri Rao Inderjit Singh has reiterated that the government is committed to a fair, transparent and competitive approach towards PPP for ensuring that superior services are procured at the lowest possible costs. Relying to a discussion on a Private Member’s resolution moved by Shri K.N. Balagopal and others in the Rajya Sabha today, he said that Regulatory commissions in different sectors follow very divergent practices and require re-examination to have a uniform framework. He said, the Government will take suitable steps to undertake reforms relating to these regulatory commissions. However, the minister said for rapid growth, we will have to rely increasingly on private investment but needs to ensure that this will only be on terms that benefit the economy and the users. The minister pointed out that capital requirements for bridging the infrastructure deficit are far too large to be financed by public investment alone. 

The Private Resolution expressed its concern over the recent protests and complaints in the country against the levying of huge and inflated bills and charges by Public Private Projects (PPP) and licensed service providers in different service sectors which warrant a serious relook into the functioning of Public Private Projects (PPP) and public services including sovereign functions delegated to private sector. 

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