life changed when Joined Life Changing Philosophy Of Nicherin Dishonin,s Buddhism

Life Changing Story
Experience-How my life changed when I Joined Life Changing Philosophy Of Nicherin Dishonin,s Buddhism,shared on Aug 2014
 "Regardless of how tough the challenges are, how never ending they seem to be, we must never give up. With strong determination in faith, we will eventually be able to triumph"-Sensei-daily guidance
I am Kapil Bhargava joined this wonderful philosophy in Jan 2010 being introduced by my wife a month after her joining at a crucial juncture of my life towards facing crucial financial, health and relationship karma..blaming my circumstances.I worked in the top corporate for over 20 years but many time I was put in trouble because of my short coming of arrogance…and in 2009 I had to quit the job which lead to financial cruntch.
Regular guidance’s and my involvement in Gakkai,I realized that “Circumstances are not the cause of defeat, you r defeated when you lose hope of winning."I did home visits in 100 days on foot at a time when it was difficult for me to spend money on hiring vehicle. I started reading Gosho,Sensei's guidance’s which are a part of my daily life today. Doing home visits and attending meetings which today are helping me in maintaining me in a high life state
 I am deeply moved by the writing's of Nicherin Daishonin and my Mentor Daisaku Ikeda on his daily guidance’s wherein he says’ “Hope exists even in the midst of adversity. In fact when you undergo the ordeals of adversity will your hope is truly fortified. Hope without ordeal is often nothing more than fleeting, idealistic dreams."
I have been sharing victory after victory month after month...constantly doing my human revolution and polishing myself each day with a vision to share my experiences to my members as to how I overcome my challenges’ I have faced and achieve victories.
The formula for victory lies in making steady and careful efforts to reach one goal after another, winning people over to yours side and uniting their efforts through your wisdom and enthusiasm. This is exactly what I am doing each day of my activities, as Faith equals daily life. By reading good books, particularly the NHR on Sensei's life and having good friends contributes to the positive development and thus leads to Human Revolution.
 I also realized that instead of changing others, it is very important we change ourselves. As the three fronts, the work place, the family and this Practice makes a beautiful triangle and all the sides are equally important, keeping this vision in mind, the diamoku chanted by me and exerting bravely and vigorously for the cause of kosen-rufu, even sometimes only just one diamoku, has more benefit and power than 1,000 or 10,000 chanted without any goal or accompanying action. Having faith is dedicated to kosen-rufu is what counts. It is because of this and the spirit of Many in Body but One In Mind, the three star Sokka Women of my family, my Mother, my sister and my wife and my two sons joined this practice within 4 months. These women are the source of my inspiration who always stood by my side during the hour of adversities. My mother who at the age of 80 years has completed 2 million diamoku and going on strong for chanting for than 2 hours every day with a single dream and vision..I quote Sensei,” When it comes to the well being of a child, the prayers of mother never go unanswered."Introducing yours parents in Gakkai is the biggest pilgrimage a son can do in this lifetime for his parents, as by chanting NMHRK they can expedite their Karma in this life time but also securing their next life too.
 With this vision in mind my Mother’s day start by 5.30 in the morning by doing vibrant chanting and doing her Gongyo morning and evening. She encourages everyone who comes in her contact. It was her conviction in faith that she over come and got her both the eyes for Cataract operation successfully done, as at one time Doctors have given up hope of success.
Since children are the reflection of their parents and particularly her mother as he spends the maximum time with her before and after he is born....I am proud that I am her son and her reflection......Keeping diamoku as my base and having appreciation and gratitude for compassion for others helped me in doing Shakabukku all across India.
I am proud of my parents, family, and all the members whom I interact in the meetings and 1:1 activities helped me brought closer to the Gohonzon.
I am happy to report with my conviction in faith..I got my dream job, which has beauty benefit and good;
I am associated with the International Project Of Bloomberg USA for making Rajasthan, India tobacco free and the anti-tobacco awareness presentation to schools, Media Houses, the bureaucrats has given me an opportunity to share Sensei's guidance in carrying the happiness to their families.
I overcome my critical problem of acute diabetes, which at one time crossed the danger level and can lead a person to coma and side effects developed in the body
I got my job saved at the nick of the time when our Principle Company Bloomberg company was planning the Rajasthan Operations…but did gave us the extension. I am determined that I will be carrying Sensei's mission of bringing happiness to each household coming in my environment with my powerful diamoku.
 -Kapil Bhargava ,Jaipur(Rajasthan-India)

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