Udhampur (J&K),In keeping with the efforts to provide all possible help to the AWAM flood relief and rescue operations were undertaken by troops of Air Defence Brigade located at Dhar Road in the villages of  Sattani and Talpad in Udhampur.  Relief columns were dispatched to the two villages wherein a large number of villagers were in a precarious situation due to heavy rains. 
The village Sattani was completely submerged in water and the people were at the risk of being washed away by the heavy flow of water.
The Army rescued more than 200 people including women, children and senior citizens, who were later evacuated to the nearby Garrison and provided with water, food and clothing.

The other team along with Military engineers cleared the road of debris at village Talpad collected due to landslides. This reconnected the link to the area and also assisted in evacuation of villagers from other threatened areas.
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