UDHAMPUR (J&K) :  As Mission Sahayata of Chinar Corps in Kashmir, enters eight day, Army completes rescue and evacuation of over 21000 people trapped in flood waters all over including Kashmir 6060 persons evacuated from Srinagar itself. There are a total of 135 columns that have been employed by Army in entire Kashmir out of which 62 are operating within Srinagar town. Army’s efforts have been intensified over last two days, with additional rescue and relief resources getting inducted from Chandigarh, Delhi, Jodhpur, Chennai. Over 50 aircrafts of Air Force and civil aviation were flown in with relief material. Number of Air Force and Army helicopters are operating, evacuating stranded persons from beyond the areas upto which they are being brought using boats. Army is coordinating efforts with civil administration proactively.

Areas that are most affected include Rajbag, Jawahar Nagar, Girji Bag, Shivpora, Batwara, Indranagar, Ram Munshi Bag, and other adjoining areas. There are 67 boats with rescue teams operating the areas such as Shivpora,Batwara, Indranagar, other areas such as Rajbag, Jawahar Nagar and Gorji Bag, are being addressed by the operations launched from the Airport end of Srinagar. Army has pressed in Cheetah and ALH alongside Air Force Helicopters to lift people from the inundated areas. Massive efforts have been underway with Army scaling up its efforts on relief front in teams of distribution of water, flood and medicine.    

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