UDHAMPUR (J&K),In the last 72 hrs with no letup in the huge down pour and inclement weather in the far reaches of Jammu Division, the Army in close coordination with Civil Authorities under Operation MEGH RAHAT has been able to rescue as the reports last came in about 1100 civilians, large no of live stock from the wrath of the huge deluge engulfing the entire Area. The Army has pressed into effect in the past 96 hours, 17 fully equipped columns of Soldiers to evacuate civilians, repair and reconstruct roads, render first aid within the intervening night of yesterday and till this report came in. In specific incidents the proactive columns of the Army have been able to rescue around 300 civilians from Mandi, Saujiyan, Doda and Bamwat. In the area of Akhnoor, Chenab has swelled and is flowing to unprecedented levels and the Air Force and Army in Akhnoor in combined rescue operations have been able to save around 65 lives while 15 are getting evacuated. 
The Chenab is flowing at 43.5 ft creating criticality into the strategic connectivity to Pir Panjal. Around 200 lives were saved in the areas of Manyarwala, Sankari, Dalogra and Nazian by CIF 'R'. The 18 columns of Army working in Areas around Banihal and Navapanchchi have been able to save around 220 civilians from the onslaught of Bichlari Nala and Warwana Nala.
The Army columns are working round the clock in Areas of Kandoli Nala, Dhari in Rajouri and Poonch, in Khour, Channi, Sitrila, Mawa Korora and Chak Sikinda near Akhnoor where around 200 civilians are reportedly stranded. In the area of Thanamandi Army columns are active in Langiot, Bigali, Tangri and old Thana Mandi rescuing people.
        The Army's BRTF is working concurrently all out with its specialised equipment including JCBs, Dozers and excavators to open the NH 44 which has been closed for civil traffic. While connectivity between Akhnoor and Naoshera is open to traffic, work on road Naoshera-Rajouri is still on which is likely to be opened soon.
            “Op MEGH RAHAT”  moves on to next phase where Army Plans extensive deployment in support of flood Relief. The employment of helicopters, Special Divers, heavy engineering machinery and more boot on ground will be the focus of Army and assist the locals in critical situations, that may arise due to heavy rains“that are lashing the region”.  

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