Second day of International Symposium on “New horizons of Camel Surgery and Large Ruminant Surgery”

XXXVIII Annual Congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery
Bikaner, On the second day of International Symposium on “New horizons of Camel Surgery and Large Ruminant Surgery” and XXXVIII  Annual Congress of Indian Society for Veterinary Surgery being organized by Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner scientists from various part of India as well as from abroad shared their research findings.
            Today in Ruminant Surgery session Dr. N.S. Saini discussed an approach to the diagnosis and treatment of surgical disorders of fore-stomach in ruminants. In orthopaedic surgery session scientists discussed          recent concepts in the diagnosis and management of spinal trauma, fracture treatment in small animals– recent developments, decision-making and management of complications, application of new fiber glass technique for large animal bone fractures, severe tendon ruptures, horn fractures and for small animal fractures. In the radiology and imaging techniques session Dr. S.V. Vishwasrao told imaging techniques 2014: a must know for an enlightened Indian veterinary surgeon. A fruitful discussion was there on the long term study on incidence, comparison of diagnostic and treatment methods for cervical and thoracic oesophageal obstruction in cattle and buffaloes.
            Organizing Secretary Dr. T.K. Gahlot put light on the skin grafting and reconstructive surgery in equines. In next session of wild and zoo animal Dr. K.K. Sarma discussed airlifting of large wild mammals for rescue and translocation, Dr. Indramani Nath told about treating reptiles—a blend of science and adventure and Dr Arvind Mathur discussed an overview about management of surgical affections in captive and free ranging wildlife of Rajasthan.  In small animal surgery session Dr. D.B. Patil lightened progressive retinal atrophy in dogs. In avian surgery session Dr. Praveen Bishnoi presented lead paper on anaesthetic and surgical management in birds. Dr. G.S. Khandekar told about laparoscopy applications in veterinary practice. Dr. Alex H Tinson elaborated about the anaesthesia using alfaxan and isoflurane in two adult dromedary camels. Dr S. Senthil Kumar discussed about clinical anaesthetic management of cattle. During the conference a special lecture was organized for  veterinary students and  a special lecture on "the scope and need for humane veterinary education and veterinary practice in India" was presented by Dr.  Naresh Chandra Upreti, Programme Manager, Animal Rahat.

            In the evening delegates enjoyed the cultural programmes presented by the students of RAJUVAS and Rajasthani local artists. All the delegates enjoyed kalbeliya dance, chanvari naritya and folk dances. In excursion tour the delegates visited Junagarh temple, deshnok karni temple, camel farm and purchased traditional dresses and Bikaneri sweets and namkeens. Valedictory session will be conducted tomorrow at 1.00 PM. The recommendation of the symposium will be submitted to various agencies, ICAR, Govt. of India and other agencies for consideration.
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