86959 Indian websites hacked during 2011-2014

New Delhi, This is not just a number. In fact, this is the number of Indian websites that have been hacked between 2011 and 2014.Overall, an indicator that the problem of cyber crime in India is a very serious one and with terrorist groups dancing around the internet, the issue becomes even bigger.
While there are incidents reported on the border each day, there is an all out war that India fights on a daily basis against the various cyber terrorists based across the world. The biggest fight is against the Chinese and the Pakistanis who have chosen to target Indian websites, in a bid to either seek out information or just create embarrassment.
High crime rate, low on convictions:
The worrying part of the above mentioned number is that these are hacks not committed just on private sites. There are a good number of government sites which have been attacked in recent times. In past three years, we have seen websites of Defence forces & CBI being hacked by rogue elements. The Indian security agencies have booked nearly 1487 cases in the past three years. The worrying part of this entire issue is the conviction rate, which according to statistics is just 10 per cent.
Speaking to several officers in the cyber crime wings in the country, one gets the picture as to why this rate of conviction is so low. Most of the servers are based out of the United States of America and getting information has been extremely slow.
The Pakistan cyber army:
This is a force that India considers to be one of the biggest headaches. This is a force of hackers based out of Pakistan sponsored by the ISI to target specifically Indian sites. India also deals with similar cyber armies from China as well. However, these armies thrive since they are on the rolls of the intelligence agencies and are paid to do the job. However, in India we find that ethical hackers are freelancing and are not paid decently, as a result of which the enthusiasm levels are extremely low. The Pakistan cyber army is assigned the task of not just hacking into websites of India, but they also prevent attacks from other hackers.
Ethical hacking:
Anoop Dutt, an ethical hacker tells newsroompost.com that the problem is that hacking, even if it is ethical in nature, is considered to be a taboo in India. We need at least 8000 ethical hackers to keep our sites safe. There are constant attacks on Indian sites and we need a full- fledged cyber army to protect the sites. He also points out that in all government offices, only sites and email accounts which have their servers in India must be used. There is no question of using gmail or other services, which have their servers based out of the country.
This makes it extremely difficult to track as we rely on other countries. The former Information and Technology Minister, Kapil Sibal who had suggested several reforms on this front was found using gmail and such occurrences should be prevented especially when these ministers handle such sensitive data.
Indo-US cooperation:
With this problem going out of hand, India is now partnering with the US to counter hacking. There is an Indo-US Joint Working Group which is now working together and the intent is to dismantle terror groups working on the cyber space. It was found that groups such as the Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Jammat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, Indian Mujahideen and the SIMI were particularly active on the internet.

They carry out recruitments on the net and are also involved in hacking to seek out information. The Joint Working Group which has just commenced work aims at dismantling these groups online. (Source- www.newsroompost.com)
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