‘If Akbar can be called ‘Akbar the Great’, why can’t Maharana Pratap?’

Pratapgarh, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today welcomed Rajasthan government’s decision to include a chapter on iconic figures like Maharana Pratap in school textbooks and said he would urge the HRD minister to consider inclusion of such chapters in CBSE syllabus.
He said the Centre has decided to celebrate the 475th birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, the 16th century Rajput ruler of Mewar, all over the country in a big way and a committee has been formed for then same at the central level.
Singh was addressing a gathering here in the Mewar region of Rajasthan after unveiling a statue of Maharana Pratap.
“Rajasthan government took a good decision to teach school students more about Maharana Pratap. I will speak to the HRD Minister so that his valour and patriotism could be introduced in CBSE syllabus too,” he said.
He said Maharana Pratap was a true national hero who valiantly fought to defend his motherland. Not only did the Rajput ruler inspire Indians but his name also became a source of inspiration for people in other countries.
“Maharana Pratap became an icon for freedom fighters because his name evoked a strong feeling of love and sacrifice for motherland.
“Even the Vietnamese people were inspired by him and it helped them in defeating a powerful country like the United States during US-Vietnam war,” he said, adding that the fact was shared by the Vietnam president. Singh said that a former Vietnamese foreign minister had also visited Udaipur to pay homage to Maharana Pratap.
The Home Minister said our text books have not been able to fully recognise Maharana Pratap’s contribution and significance in India’s history.
“If Akbar can be called ‘Akbar the Great’ for his contribution, then why can’t Maharana Pratap be recognised as ‘Maharana Pratap the Great’, he said.
Referring to VS Naipaul’s book ‘India: A Wounded Civilisation’ he said, “Naipaul has observed that he found India the only country in the world where history written by foreign historians is taught in textbooks.
“The Indian historians should pay attention to eminent authors like Naipaul and take corrective measures”.
Singh further said, “On the one hand Maharana Pratap had the respect and love of a rich man like Bhamashah who gave all his wealth to him and on the other hand there were people from Bhil tribe who faithfully fought many battles with him against a mighty army.
“Even the animals like his horse Chetak and his elephants loved him till their last breath.” (Source- www.newsroompost.com)

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