Remaining amounts of centrally-sponsored schemes be released soon -Chief Minister

Meeting with Union Minister of Water Resources
Jaipur, Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje met the Union Minister for Water Resources Sushri Uma Bharti in New Delhi on Thursday. She requested the Union Minister for release of the remaining funds of the centrally-sponsored and other schemes due towards the Centre.
Smt. Raje discussed the issues related to various irrigation and drinking water projects with the Union Minister at length. She demanded for early release of the remaining funds worth 35.58 crore rupees out of 300 crores rupees allocated to Rajasthan for various irrigation projects as per recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission. Also, she asked for release of 3.4 crore rupees remaining from earlier allocated funds under the 'Repair, Renovation, Restoration' scheme.
The CM said that state government had sent proposals of flood control projects worth 125.16 crore and 67.68 crore rupees for Baran and Bharatpur districts respectively to the Ganga Flood Control Commission. She requested for initial grant of 96.42 crore to Rajasthan from Ganga Flood Control Commission immediately. She further asked for release of remaining 621.528 crore rupees of the central government grant for modernization of Narmada Nahar Project and Ganga Nahar Project. She asked the Union Minister to direct the Punjab Government for realigning of Rajasthan Feeder of Indira Gandhi Nahar and Sirhind Feeder in Punjab.
Smt. Raje asked for approval of the Phase-2 of Rajasthan Water Sector Livelihood Improvement Project through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). In this project, reconstruction and renewal works of 433 irrigation sub-projects are proposed in 25 districts with estimated cost of 3,461 crore rupees. She further raised the issue of remaining 0.60 MAF water share of Rajasthan from Punjab in Ravi-Beas waters and said that availability of this water would help in running many irrigation projects in the state smoothly. She suggested for resolution of this issue through a Special Bench in the Supreme Court.
Talking on Rajasthan's share in Yamuna waters, the CM said that the Centre should convince Haryana to accept the decision of Upper Yamuna River Board and sign an agreement with Rajasthan to provide the latter's water from Tajewala. She also asked the Union Minister for enhancing capacity of head regulators of Indira Gandhi Feeder at Harike Dam.
Smt. Raje informed Sushri Bharati that the study reports of Saraswati River Project by the Rajasthan Ground Water Board had been forwarded to the Centre. She asked for approval of this project and allocate proposed 68.67 crore rupees for this. She further asked for approval of adequate funds for phase-2 of Bhakhra Canal and Ganga Canal Project.
After meeting, the Union Water Minister Sushri Uma Bharati said that Rajasthan was the most water-scarcity hit state. The central government would give top priority to Rajasthan while providing help to the states. This was a natural right of the state in view of difficult circumstances in Rajasthan, Sushri Bharati said.

Thanking the Union Minister, CM Smt. Raje said that all the issues related to irrigation and drinking water projects in Rajasthan were discussed at length. "We hope that the Centre will provide required support and help," she said. The Union Minister of State for Water Resources Prof. Sanwarlal Jat, Secretary to CM (II) T. Ravikant and senior officers of the Union Ministry of Water Resources were present in the meeting.
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