IIHMR University conducts national workshop on Scholarly Writing, Reference Management and Deterring Plagiarism

Jaipur, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed the traditional methods of library activities and services providing new dimensions for teaching, learning and research in higher educational institutions today. On account of the same, India’s globally recognized and leading healthcare research institutions, IIHMR University commenced its two day long National workshop on Scholarly Writing, Reference Management and Deterring Plagiarism today. The National Workshop commenced today (21st December, 2015) and concludes on 22nd December, 2015.  The national workshop on Scholarly Writing, Reference Management and Deterring Plagiarism was attended by 40 candidates who were LIS professionals, academicians, research scholars from all disciplines and students.        

Speaking about the Workshop Dr. Ashok Kaushik, Dean Academics and Student Affairs said, “Libraries are under pressure to provide quick services to its patrons to meet their requirements. Therefore, Libraries and Librarians need to adopt latest ICT tools to manage the libraries effectively and efficiently. Perceptions and expectations of the scholars have changed due to change and advancement of ICT in the libraries. Libraries are also considered as social place where users not only can study or access information but also can perform other activities like group projects, cyber space, community space etc. The aim of any educational institute is to uphold the quality of education, research and scholarly communication. With the advent of sources of information from the digital world, the evaluation of academic writing has become a major challenge for the faculty community. As we are aware, authenticity, honesty and quality adherence in academic writing bring academic integrity. Apart from evaluating the students and researchers for skills, knowledge, and critical thinking talents in this information age, evaluating them for the academic integrity to prepare them to become responsible, contributing citizens is a real challenge. Also, leading journals take special care to ensure that this integrity is maintained.”
The workshop has been conceptualized to introduce the different dimensions of academic integrity.
Prof. R.L. Raina, Vice Chancellor at JK Lakshmipat Unveristy said, “I am delighted to be associated with IIHMR University and also deliver sessions for this National Seminar. Plagiarism is considered as a form of misconduct in scholarly communications. You, as a researcher, must have heard about it; or you might know what it is. However, there exists ambiguity about it in academic community. The major objective of the workshop is to develop an understanding of Plagiarism and how to avoid it, to understand the different styles of referencing, to understand the use of Mendeley or other reference management software in managing references, to develop and understanding of citation and bibliographies while writing, to understand the publishing process in science and technological journals, to demonstrate the use of citation database, to discuss the issues related to plagiarism.”
Dr. Sanjay Kataria, University Librarian, JP Institute of Information Technology said, “This workshop is the first of it’s kind in Rajasthan. The workshop aims to sensitize the participants on Writing and publishing scientific papers, ‘Issues related to Plagiarism’ and how the power of reference manager can be used in their research activities. The focus of the workshop is to provide hands-on training on Reference Management tools. The workshop aims to address questions on plagiarism such as, when does plagiarism occur? Is there any established percentage to determine when plagiarism has taken place? Is there a rule of thumb to determine plagiarism? Are there different types of it? What may be the consequences if plagiarism is detected? How to avoid it? ”

The IIHMR University has a spacious and well-equipped Library under the name Dr. D.A. Henderson Library and Documentation Centre. The Library is being run according to an open access system. The objective of the library is to provide its user, articles or material on current topics or affairs in minimum amount of time most effectively and to provide users with accurate information enabling the IIHMR University to achieve excellence in teaching, learning, research, and community services. 
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