Bikaner, The Closing Ceremony of the joint military exercise between Indian and French Army, ‘Exercise Shakti-2016’ was conducted a Mahajan Field Firing Range on16 January 2016. The aim of the exercise was to achieve inter-operability to acquaint each other with operation procedures, combat drills and understand the functioning of each other in such a situation. It was evident from what was witnessed that both the armies were able to achieve this aim. The Indian contingent comprised of an platoon group of a Infantry Battalion and the French contingent comprised of a platoon group of the 35thInfantry Regiment.

            The exercise was conducted in two phases. The first phase of combat conditioning and tactical training completed successfully by both the contingents. The training received by both the armies in the first phase was put into practice in the second phase which is termed as validation stage. Both the contingents jointly took part in the validation exercise which included clearing of routes, establishment of observation posts, cordon and search operation and house clearing drills.

           The closing ceremony was organized as a solemn occasion to felicitate outstanding soldiers and to showcase each other’s cultural and martial heritage. A series of programmes displaying the rich culture and heritage of both the countries were also organized. Both the armies shared valuable combat experience with respect to countering terrorist operations in an international environment. It was another significant milestone achieved in ensuring cordial relations between the two countries and another step forward in international operation against global terror.
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