Jaipur,  We, the Women Parliamentarians from the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation, the Republic of India, the People's Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa, having assembled at this Meeting of the BRICS Women Parliamentarians' Forum, on the themeWomen Parliamentarians - Enablers for Achieving SDGs on 20-21 August 2016 at Jaipur in the State of Rajasthan, India,   Recognizing that the Meeting bears utmost relevance as we strive towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030,   Strongly believing that the SDGs and the associated Targets do constitute a comprehensive plan  towards achieving meaningful growth and progress, and will stimulate action in areas of critical importance, involving People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership,   Reaffirming the Ufa declaration adopted during the Seventh BRICS Summit on 9 July 2015, that there has to be an integrated approach to implement the Post-2015 Development Agenda,   Stressing that countries need to judiciously prioritize and adapt the Goals and Targets in line with local challenges, capacities and resources,   Expressing concern over the deleterious effects of climate change on ecological systems, biodiversity, and food production,   Welcoming the Addis Ababa Action Agenda that stresses financing for development, and transfer of technology to, and capacity-building measures in the developing and the least developed countries on favourable terms,   Bearing in mind that BRICS parliamentarians, especially women parliamentarians, are well placed to promote the transformational agenda of SDGs, in providing a legislative framework in formulating people-centric development policies and in implementing and monitoring the progress in achieving SDGs,   Acknowledging that the informed deliberations on the theme of the Meeting Women Parliamentarians: Enablers for Achieving SDGs have helped to frame, crystallize and contextualize issues that are as integral and indispensable elements of SDGs,  Do hereby:   ·         Express commitment to intensify mutual cooperation based on the framework and associated action plan agreed upon and reaffirmed at the First BRICS Parliamentary Forum held in Moscow in 2015, and to strengthen their strategic partnership on all the three dimensions of sustainable development, viz.economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection. Call upon international financial institutions to support and facilitate financing for development on favourable terms for the developing and the least developed countries, and to help them gain easier access to new and affordable technologies for capacity-building, as envisaged under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.  Underscore the need to address climate change in all its manifestations, and work out integrated solutions to preserve and protect ecological systems and forests and ensure food security, Underlinethe significance of expeditious parliamentary approval of SDG related legislation and adequate budgetary resources, oversight and monitoring of implementation through procedural devices and Parliamentary Committees. Stress the need to engender all legislative and development plans for incorporating gender concerns into the processes and procedures, to contribute more vigorously to robust legislation and policy making and to coordinate their efficacious implementation.Reiterate the imperative of greater involvement of women parliamentarians in integrating citizens as stakeholders in the processes of development to create ownership of the SDGs, and their pivotal role in providing leadership to and mentoring of elected women representatives at the grassroots, so that they can be agents of change in achieving SDGs. Call for Equity, Inclusivity and Sustainability to be factored into all development plans Commit to work tirelessly to ensure that society progresses in a manner that accommodates the needs of today’s world without endangering the capacity of the coming generations to meet their future requirements.   ·  Emphasize the need to inform, comnicate and educate citizens about developmental schemes, and strive to ensure effective utilization of funds and efficient service delivery mechanism.Further emphasize the need to institutionalize the BRICS Women Parliamentarians’ Forum as an annual forum so as to become an integral component as Enablers of Achieving SDGs and similar issues of mutual interest to BRICS member states. Resolve to encourage the BRICS Women Parliamentarians to strive towards Broad-based, Resilient, Inclusive, and Credible and Community-driven Sustainable (BRICS) Development as a means to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  
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