‘Dialogue with Youth on Education, Livelihood and Citizenship’ programme concludes with a suggestive Youth Policy

Jaipur Ajit Foundation of Rajasthan in association with UNICEF and UNFPA had organised two days programme on ‘Dialogue with Youth on Education, Livelihood and Citizenship’ in line with ‘Youth Policy for Young India’. On the second day, key participants had summarized the discussions and had come to conclusive issues that need to be addressed. Not only the issues, but they have proposed the advisory to make young India a good citizen.
Committee had advised a Life Skill Coach in schools and colleges who can exclusively consult and enhance the communication skill, confidence building, leadership quality and mentorship programmes for the students’ livelihood. In nut shell, the normative and non-cognitive aspects can be addressed separately to the youth with education. Happiness Enhancement can play a major role in the development of the young India. Many countries have seen better results by taking care of happiness aspect in making youth better citizens. Happiness enhancement experience to the young India gives them positivity and happiness which adds up more energy to grow. If an individual grows, nation grows.
Prof. Prof. VS Vyas, Chairman of Ajit Foundation said, “The two days’ discussion on addressing on education, livelihood and citizenship with youth has highlighted some burning aspects which will help to give direction to create a Youth Policy. We will propose these advisory to the state government and will play an important role to continue consulting on Youth Policy.
India has a distinct advantage of having a very large youth population. Nearly 60 percent of the country’s population is in the age group 16 to 34. With such a demographic structure, two advantages are quite obvious. One, a very large productive workforce is available in the country, and two, proportion of non-working people, people in the age group of 60 and above is much less. In order to spell out the issues and explore possible approaches to sound education, enhancement of employment opportunities and to inculcate a sense of purposefulness among the youth, Ajit Foundation, a civil society institution working with youth for last 23 years, proposes to organize a Consultation and bring out a document on Approach to Youth Policy. The Foundation has earlier organized such Consultations on the Girls Policy in Rajasthan, and Right to Education – The Next Phase.

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