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Kota, SDRF units of Rajasthan are undergoing crucial basic orientation training in Disaster Management under Gandiv Division at Kota Military Station and Ranbankura Division at Bikaner Military Station. This training started on 27 March. As part of the training, the SDRF team have been introduced to the basics of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CRBN) environment and familiarised with the Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) & detection instruments. Mock exercises are being conducted to rehearse the SDRF personnel in disaster relief operations in CBRN contaminated environment.This is the first time that the SDRF teams are being exposed to CBRN related training under qualified instructors of the Army. During next phase they will be trained on flood relief, fire rescue and medical related issues. The SDRF team have shown great interest & initiative in the conduct of training so far.