Assam : ACCF sensitises lakhs of people on cancer at Morigaon

Guwahati , Assam Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF) created awareness among lakhs of people about oral, breast and cervical cancer at the 88th Annual Conference of Sankardev Sangha in Morigaon district. This has happened for the first time in the history of Assam state, in which such a large number of people was made aware about this disease.

During the four-day event organised from February 6 to 9, ACCF sensitised the visitors about the importance of screening of common cancers after the age of 30 years while raising awareness about the health hazards that are caused due to consuming tobacco.
It is to be mentioned that 48.2% adult population in Assam consume tobacco products due to which every year 32,000 new cancer cases are detected.
ACCF had designed diverse strategies to reach out to an expected gathering of approximately 30 lakh people and the highlight was the tableau – a 3D model of Health and Wellness Centre. The Foundation, in collaboration with District Tobacco Control Cell created a ‘Tobacco-free Zone’ by law enforcement through police, youth volunteers and display of signage at different locations of the conference area. 
ACCF facilitated in the enforcement of 'No Tobacco Zone'. Awareness kiosks were placed at 20 different places of the entire conference area. In the four day session, 150 NSS volunteers from Marigaon, Jagi Road and Mayong College participated in the awareness campaign and the cultural procession. The entire session helped in raising awareness about common cancer to lakhs of people gathered in the four days conference. A talk show on Cancer was organised for youth which witnessed encouraging participation from rural and urban youngsters.
NSS unit of Mayong Anchalik College, Jagi Road College and Morigaon College participated in the cancer awareness drive during the conference in Morigaon on 7th and 8th February, 2019. The NSS volunteers, under the leadership of NSS programme officers took part in distribution of leaflets, cultural procession and anti-tobacco campaigning. The drive has helped a lot of people in understanding the causes and preventive measures of cancer.
Mr Babul Bora, the Chief Secretary and the Secretary of Reception Committee of Sri Srimanta Sankara Sangha said, "The ACCF has taken the initiative to make the 88th Srimanta Sankara Sangha Conference in Morigaon Tobacco-Free and it has been implemented effectively with the youth volunteers and government officials. The Sangha appreciates the efforts of ACCF to raise awareness on tobacco and cancer during all the 4 days of the conference. The Sangha will continue to work with the ACCF for cancer awareness in Assam. The youth volunteers of Seva Vahini will be actively working on this front as well."
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