Challenge of Age Reversal and Instant Rejuvenation

Challenge of Age Reversal and Instant Rejuvenation  
Who isn’t looking for the Fountain of Youth? Today it’s a multi-billion dollar business.
While modern medicine has certainly extended our life spans, it hasn’t succeeded in keeping us younger longer. People are asking, “What’s the use of living to 100 if you feel and look like 100?”
Now we are barraged with the latest skin care products, laser resurfacing, and a whole gamut of cosmetic surgeries to make us look younger. And the list goes on; hormone replacement therapy, nutritional supplements and a growing variety of products promising everything from enhanced memory and increased libido to development of new muscle tissue and bone. In truth, none of these is truly ground-breaking. Looking younger has to be more than just cosmetic, and whatever the claims may be, the so-called miracle substances have limited results.
How does the Energetic Medicine approach deal with the live longer, but grow-younger dilemma?  Here is a sampling of the revolutionary techniques in Dr. Kam Yuen’s program.
1.) Correct your subconscious mind for ancestral or past-life memories of illness and aging. Such recollections sabotage your efforts. Also energetically free yourself from limiting beliefs about aging and dying rooted in the collective consciousness.
2.) Learn to energetically oxygenate and hydrate all your cells. The effects are awesome. Increasing oxygen immediately jump starts all your biological processes and begins age reversal on the spot. Drinking a plentiful amount of water, taking antioxidants and exercising aerobically does not ensure these products are evenly distributed throughout the body. Often the parts of the body that need oxygen and water the most are the parts that receive the least. The nervous system, which controls youthful functioning, is especially susceptible. Fortunately, this process is reversible! While less oxygen and water in your cells leads to degeneration, more oxygen, and adequate water brings about regeneration. Energetically identify which areas in your body are deficient and why and strengthen these weak spots with simple corrections. That’s all there is to it!
3.) Learn to energetically detoxify waste products on the cellular level and eliminate them energetically. Waste products and parasites accumulate as we go through life, causing atrophy to the skin, muscles and bones, and no group of nutrients can successfully rejuvenate them. If cells are not energetically detoxified, they lose their ability to repair themselves, and as they do, your body falls apart. Energetic detoxification of brain cells, for example, restores memory, concentration and mental wit. Without brain cellular detoxification, the nutrients in the brain become toxic. Another example is the waste product accumulation on our faces and eyes which result in the body creating capsulations to contain the waste products until you have pockets of swelling that make our faces look uneven, swollen, and thicker than our usual youthful appearance. Again, this is easily reversible with energetic methods. What maintains youthful mental processes including memory, reasoning, judgment and perception are not foods or nutrients. It is energetic detoxification. Without brain cellular detoxification, the nutrients and foods in the brain become toxic nutrients.
4.) Never do exercises that cause excessive fatigue and strain. Aerobic exercises are actually anaerobic if it causes you to be out of breath. If you tense up when exercising, you will perfect tension. Effort and tension make you inefficient. If you continue exercising too vigorously, you are essentially practicing to be old so intensely you will not fail to achieve your goal. Learn the proper exercise techniques accompanied by energetic corrections for on the spot flexibility, endurance, and strength. Program in relaxation at all levels.
5.) Learn to energetically release past conflicts, resentments, fears, grief and guilt. These compound as you age lading to stiffness, rigidity, pain, and illness. Dr. Yuen invites you to meet and concur the challenge of staying young. In a fraction of a second, you can change your concepts regarding aging/the limitations/the true possibilities/ and the time it takes to accomplish rejuvenation. Say goodbye to your former self. Learn the simple energetic techniques that take the mystery and secrets out of reversing he aging process. The results are nothing less than spectacular.
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