Modi and BJP are the same-Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Reacting to a comment by senior party leader MM Joshi that there was no 'Modi wave' in the country but a BJP wave, party president Rajnath Singh on Monday said that the two cannot be separated.
"(Narendra) Modi and the BJP are the same. The two cannot be separated," he said.
Joshi was recently replaced by the BJP with Narendra Modi as the Lok Sabha candidate from Varanasi. Joshi was sent to Kanpur.
On Monday, Joshi denied that there was a Modi wave in the country. "This wave or that wave.. Modi is the representative of the party as the prime ministerial candidate. So it is not a highly personalised thing. It is a representative wave," Joshi said. He also said that the much-bandied Gujarat model of development cannot work for all states.
The Congress sympathised. "MM Joshi was forced to concede that there is no Modi wave, something that the Congress has always said," party leader Digvijaya Singh said.

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