PM can’t see anything because of mother-son duo: Modi

New Delhi, Reacting to Manmohan Singh’s comment that there was no wave in India in favour of Narendra Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Saturday said the prime minister was not able to see anything because the “mother-son duo” (Sonia and Rahul Gandhi) were “looking after things”.
“The PM says he can’t see Modi wave. I want to ask him, can he see the corruption in the country? His corrupt ministers? The scams from 2G to Coalgate?The fact is that the mother-son duo are looking after things… so I don’t blame the PM for not seeing the Modi wave,” the Gujarat chief minister said, referring to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son, party vice president Rahul Gandhi.
“I have no complaints against the PM. He has 10-15 days left and should enjoy the last days of his tenure,” Modi said addressing a 3D rally.After casting his ballot in the Lok Sabha polls in Guwahati, Assam, Manmohan Singh had Thursday said there was no wave sweeping the country in favour of Modi.Taking on Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, Modi said there was “competition” going on between the duo as to who can tell a bigger lie to the people.
“They are lying and fooling the people of the country… desperate to garner as many votes as possible as they know that power is slipping out of their hands… their defeat is imminent,” Modi said.He said the BJP had brought new hope for the youth of the country.Attacking those who have criticised the Gujarat model of development, Modi said a recent judgment by the state’s high court said the steps taken by his government did not harm the interests of the people of the state.“The high court said that all the development in the state has not come at the expense of the people’s interests. It also said no one has received any favours from the government. People should stop making false claims,” he said.“Look at your achievements in the last 10 years. I dare the government to compare their development work with Gujarat’s and they will get the answer,” he added.
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