Seven nabbed in gangrape case

Hyderabad: The minor girl, who was allegedly gang- raped in the old city for about a week, was also forced into prostitution by two women, police said. 
The minor girl was handed over to the women, who forced her into prostitution, police said. The cops have arrested seven people including the women. However, two suspects are still at large.
The accused are Abdul Shakeel Rahman, 21, a zari worker, Mohammed Basheer Khan, 21, a battery technician, Mohammed Mahboob alias Mahboob Ali, 21, Mohammed Hameed, 25, flower decorator and Mohammed Azher Khan, 23, a furniture maker. The two women are Fouzia Begum alias Ghouse Bee, 35, wife of late Syed Akbar, and resident of Dadapeer ki Dargah in Hafeezbabanagar, and Fareeda Khatoon, 42, a resident of Teegalakunta. Fouzia is a maid and Fareeda is a housewife.
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