Ukraine- initiates anti-terrorist ops against pro-Russia activists in Sloviansk

Ukrainian government has initiated an anti-terrorist operation
London,April 13: In what seems to spell more danger for Ukraine, pro-Russian activists have upped the ante against the government and seized police stations in few eastern cities like Kramatorsk, Sloviansk and Donetsk, said reports. 
In response, the Ukrainian government has initiated an anti-terrorist operation in Sloviansk where the armed Russian supporters had takenover the police station, the CNN quoted the country's interior miniter Arsen Avakov. 
Avakov wrote on his Facebook page that Anti-terrorist Center of the Security Service of Ukraine was fighting against pro-Russian men and that civilians must not leave their apartments or go near the windows. "Antiterrorist operation has started in Slaviansk... All the law enforcement agencies of the country are participating. God speed!," the CNN cited Avakov's Facebook post. 
Earlier, to deal with this “act of Russian aggression” in eastern Ukraine, acting president Oleksander Turchinov rushed to hold an emergency meeting of country's National Defense and Security Council. 
In the newly emerging flashpoint of Russia-Ukraine tension, the eastern city of Donetsk, pro-Russian activists in the uniforms of Berkut riot police took control of the police station and forced the police chief to resign. Berkut riot police which was disbanded in Feb after being accused of killing dozens in clashes, wanted the previous police chief to be reinstated. In another eastern city of Kramatorsk, police clashed with pro-Russia activists, donning camouflage uniforms and rifles. They were in dozens and finally occupied the police station in Kramatorsk. Also in Slovyansk, similar pro-Russian activists targeted the police station and a security services building. According to the country's interior minister Arsen Avakov, the police stations were targeted by the activists to seize arms and ammunitions,  "We are not Ukrainian troops, we are people's militia. We are the people who have risen up to drive away the corrupt Kiev police," the attackers said according to the news report.The recent events in eastern Ukraine remind of similar incidents before Russia annexed the Black Sea Peninsula of Crimea.
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