Afghan official says 2,000 missing after landslide

2000 people could be missing 
KABUL, Afghanistan, Heavy rains triggered a landslide in north-east Afghanistan on Friday, burying a village, destroying homes and killing as many as 700 people.
Local officials said they feared 2000 people could be missing and appealed for digging gear to help rescue efforts in Badakshan province, a remote region bordering Tajikistan, Pakistan and China.
“The number of deceased has increased to 350 and significant displacement is expected,” the UN mission in Afghanistan said in a statement.Days of rain had already caused catastrophic flooding across the north of the country, killing at least 150 people elsewhere.Disaster struck in the early afternoon of Friday, a day off in Afghanistan and a time when many families would have been at home.
The Badakshan province is located in the Hindu Kush and Pamir mountain ranges bordering China and is one of the remotest regions in a country which is notoriously difficult to get around and has a very poor road network. Although since the 2001 US led invasion it has seen few attacks from insurgents.
Heavy rains and flooding in the north and north east of Afghanistan have claimed scores of lives throughout April.

In February 2010 more than 170 people were killed in an avalanche in the 12,700 foot high Salang Pass, which links Kabul the capital with the north of the country.

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