Rishikesh AIIMS to be model of integrated medicine

Hill state Uttarakhand to experience unique preventive outreach 
Dehradun/Rishikesh,The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Rishikesh is poised to roll out the country’s first citizen-health centre interface based on preventive rather than curative approach. It will not wait for the sick to get to it, rather AIIMS Rishikesh would endeavour to prevent people from going down with preventable conditions. 
Announcing this at a press conference at AIIMS Rishikesh today, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister, said “When people fall ill in the hills, getting to the hospital is in itself a big problem. Often the diseases are not very serious, but a patient’s condition worsens by the time the hospital is accessed. To solve this problem I have instructed the authorities of AIIMS to build up a data bank of patients and put in place a system of reciprocal communication using email and mobile telephony.” 
This outreach is part of a greater, nation-wide health assurance package envisioned by the Ministry, the Health Minister stated. AIIMS Rishikesh will have the honour of piloting it. The Prime Minister has already announced his intention of institutionalising universal health assurance within a year, he added. 

The registration desk of AIIMS Rishikesh is to be the source of primary data. The email or mobile umber of every patient who reports there –with whatever disease –will be stored in the computer. Thenceforth, the hospital will email or message the patient health messages at frequent intervals. The patient will also be informed in advance about preventive health check-up camps. This “keeping in touch” will be on perpetual basis, informed the Health Minister. 

Dr Harsh Vardhan said, “Prevention-is-better-than-cure is at the heart of the government’s health policy. Every doctor will be told to advise patients on the appropriate lifestyle to adopt wherein no further visit would be necessary. I have also instructed all the OPDs of AIIMS to continuously play programmes with information on the conditions relevant to that department. So while awaiting treatment, the patient and his relatives will get in-depth information on the disease that has brought him to the hospital and the ways to prevent getting it.” 
The Minister visited AIIMS-Rishikesh today with officials of the Health Ministry. He spent a long time talking to the doctors and interacted with the patients. He was satisfied at the rate of progress in completion of all the facilities in the campus. 

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