Bikaner,Undeterred by the blistering heat and sand storms Ex Akraman-II being conducted by Chetak Corps of the Sapta Shakti Command entered a crucial stage on Monday.
 Manoeuvring columns of Indian Army tanks and hovering helicopters, in soaring temperatures in the desert terrain of northern Rajasthan, simulated an intense battlefield scenario in the ongoing exercise of Chetak Corps, Exercise ‘Akraman-II’. The exercise of simulated battlefield environment was progressively built up from smallest unit upto the entirety of offensive capability of the Corps. This exercise aims at rapid mobilisation and launching speedy offensive deep into enemy territory.
 Lieutenant General Arun Kumar Sahni, Army Commander, Sapta Shakti Command alongwith Lieutenant General P M Hariz, General Officer Commanding, Chetak Corps and other senior army and air force officers witnessed the mechanised predominant battle manoeuvres in which tanks, infantry combat vehicles, long range artillery gun, air defence weapon system, electronic warfare system and surveillance equipment carried out battle drills. During the day, the manoeuvres rehearsed and practiced, will allow the Army formations to break through multiple obstacles within a restricted time frame.
 The battlefield transparency and operational plans based on real-time situational awareness was enhanced using intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) inputs from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and sensors during the exercise. The exercise is aimed at making the force more agile, versatile, lethal, networked and capable of achieving a decisive victory in war, outlined the Army Commander.

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