Bikaner/Jodhpur,Exercise ‘BRAHMASHIRA’ an integrated exercise by defence forces, was held in the deserts of Rajasthan. More than 20000 troops and integrated combat elements of Kharga Corps participated in the exercise under aegis of Western Command. The focus of the exercise was on new and efficient ways of fighting a war in a synergised battlefield. Strategic and Operational concepts were successfully validated during the integrated military exercise.
During this exercise, the Kharga Corps executed swift battle manoeuvres both by day and night. The hall mark of the exercise was swift lethal operations integrated with the Air Force. The application of operational and logistics concepts in a networked environment was also validated during Exercise ‘BRAHMASHIRA’. The exercise was progressively structured and the participating units and formations were put through their paces in a simulated and realistic battlefield environment. All elements of command, combat decision making and Information Warfare were activated during the exercise.
  Lt General K J Singh,GOC-in-C Western Command witnessed the exercise and was briefed by Lt General Amarjeet Singh, GOC of Kharga Corps. During the visit to the exercise area the Army Commander reviewed integrated operational manoeuvres, including insertion of Heli-borne and Air-borne forces. The Army Commander appreciated the high training standards and motivation level of the troops and complimented them for their exceptional display of professionalism.  

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