IIHMR University Conducts a Training Programme on Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety

Jaipur,With the rise in the need to constantly assess the need of pharmaceutical drugs in the country there is also a need to understand if these are correctly consumed and utilized to their best by the population. It also becomes extremely important to measure the short and long-run adverse drug events along with clinical trials that measure the effectiveness and safety of the drugs consumed. Understanding the need for Pharmacoepidemiology, The Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR University), Jaipur will begin its 5 day Management Development Programme (MDP) on Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety today. The programme will be conducted at the IIHMR University Campus from 8th February to 12th February, 2016.
 The participants at the MDP will be Pharmacovigilance Experts, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacovigilance Officer, Government Managers, Private Managers, Hospital Managers, Manager Operations- Quality Managers; Quality Assurance Officers; HMIS Officers/Consultants, Public Health Consultants, Doctors, Supply chain Managers, Healthcare Consultants, Hospital Operations Executive, Distribution and Logistics Managers etc. 
According to Dr. Rahul Sharma, Assistant Prof and Programme Co-ordinator, The IIHMR University said, “The study of Pharmacoepidemiology offers assessment of potential short and long-run adverse drug events within the population with a wide range of health status and demographic characteristics and with a way longer follow-up period than clinical trials that measure initial drug effectiveness and safety. It embodies live population primarily based benefits and risks of drug in large numbers of individuals. Studies includes the analysis of prescribing medication and its determinant factors, implementation of Pharmacoepidemiology information into action, describe and analyze the economics of drug use and to advise decision-makers. In this program the following fields like drug therapies, evaluation of drugs, effects, assessment of risk vs. benefit ratios in drug therapy, formulation and interpretation of regulatory guidelines, advancements in the drugs and therapeutic solutions and drug safety, are to be discussed. The aim of the course is to strengthen participants with concepts and current practices in Pharmacoepidemiology which will further enhance the intelligence and information dissemination on topics closely related to Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacovigilance, Adverse drug reactions, Public health, Epidemiologic methods, Medication adherence and Drug
Professor Sharma also added, “The programme objectives are to understand the patterns of drug utilization; relationships between Pharmacoepidemiology and the formulation and interpretation of regulatory guidelines; Risk management plans and programmes relating to pharmaceuticals, biologics and medical devices, understand about the Pharmacoepidemiology study designs, to assess the effectiveness of drugs, understand different techniques used to study the patterns and determinants of drug utilization, understand issues regarding risks and benefits of drug use in humans including the cause, manifestations and consequences of adverse drug effects (ADEs)  (Pharmacovigilance), To introduce participants to fundamental statistical,  compliance and regulations concepts and methods.”
The programme will use a mix of lectures to introduce the lead concept and encourage active interaction by the participants through discussions, exercises and case studies. Hands on practical training of Operations Management Software will be imparted to the participants.
The IIHMR University is a WHO Collaborating Center in the state of Rajasthan. The IIHMR University is a health research institute and offers MBA programmes under three schools of management. Under the School of Hospital and Health Management it provides MBA in Hospital and Health with 5 specializations (Hospital Management, Health Management, Human Resource Management, health Economics, Finance and Insurance and Procurement and Supply Chain Management). Under the School of Rural Management it offers MBA Rural Management and Under the School of Pharmaceutical Management it offers MBA Pharmaceutical Management.
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