Narendra Modi hungry for power, already assumes himself as prime minister: Sonia Gandhi

 Faizabad,"Hungry for power" Narendra Modi has already assumed himself as the Prime Minister even before the results of Lok Sabha elections are out, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said today.
In a scathing attack on the BJP prime
ministerial nominee at rallies in Balrampur and Faizabad, she said Modi is so intoxicated in his lust for power that he already believes the results of the elections are out and he has been made the PM. "Modi satta ke bhuke hain. (Modi is hungry for power). And that is why he thinks even before the results are out, he is occupying the throne. Modi has forgotten that it is the people who decide as to who will form government," she said.
Dismissing as hollow Modi's anti-corruption claims, she said several ministers in Gujarat were neck deep in scams. "Modi claims he will get rid of corrupt parliamentarians once he comes to power, I want to ask how many corrupt and criminal ministers has he removed from his own Gujarat cabinet?," she posed.  "The Gujarat model is being sold across the country...but the reality is that children are dying of malnutrition since during his ten years in power there and lands owned by farmers are being sold at throwaway prices," she alleged.

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