Jaipur,Many Afghans who lost their limbs in land mine blast & due to war and militant attacks, facing grave hardship as handicapped are finding the famous Jaipur foot a great relief. The artificial limbs are being provided  by the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samity (BMVSS), an India based organization based at Jaipur. The BMVSS is the maker of the world famous Jaipur Foot which has  benefitted over 1.4 million specially abled persons all over the world. The artificial limb which is high in technology and low in cost provides not only mobility but also dignity to the amputees.

          Afghanistan, which for over two and a half decades has seen wars and conflicts, has thousands of men and women who became the victim of war and lost their limbs on account of various other reasons like accidents and gangrene have found the Jaipur foot a very handy tool which is very easy to handle and has proven durability.

          “We have been facing hard time due to war and conflict which have affected numerous families. I was totally disturbed when I lost my one leg in landmine blast four years ago and became handicapped with almost zero mobility. Making a living was difficult and challenging, yet I managed to earn some money by selling fruits along a roadside and now I am happy I will be able to move independently without sticks,” 48-year old Abdul said.

          He brought three other amputees along with him to get fitted with the light weight Jaipur foot which is being provided to amputees free of cost in a camp here organised by an Indian not -for -profit NGO of Rajasthan Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS),the world’s largest organisation for handicapped based in Jaipur.

          Twenty Four year old Mirwaiz who was gainfully employed as a soldier had not even in the wildest dream imagined that his life would take a sad and painful turn. While on the job in a troubled area in Kandahar, he lost one leg because of a massive blast. “Nothing was going right for me and to add to my miseries I lost my parents and I as the only offspring had to face these difficult times solely,” he says.

          Mirwaiz carried with him  his despair and pain and the added worries of losing the job as he had lost one of his leg in the blast. This further saddened him. “But Jaipur Foot has given me hope and the specialists from India, after examining assured me to provide a prosthetic which would not only allow me to walk easily, but I would be able to even run. Now I can even find a bride for myself.” said Mirwaiz wearing a broad smile on his face as he waits for his turn to come for measurement of the foot to be done by the Jaipur Foot team.

          On one single day at the Kabul’s  Khair Khana where the BMVSS was holding the camp, 65 handicapped were attended and some of them walked with the artificial limb the very next day with confidence with the smile on their face that ended years of miseries.

The camp will be there till July 7 and BMVSS hopes to provide fitments to 1000 amputees free of cost by that time. The camp has been organized by the BMVSS with the active support and cooperation of the Afghanistan’s Ministry for Labour, Social welfare, Martyrs and Disabled.

” We amputees  used to share our pains and miseries, but were hardly of any help to each other  being handicapped. But the Jaipur foot has given us mobility and the opportunity to earn our bread as we have gained active mobility like any other normal person,” Ahmad Shah said.

          This is the fifth visit of Jaipur Foot team to Kabul in which 1000 Jaipur Foot will be provided. On earlier four visits, on the spot fitment were provided to 3051 people and this time a team of specialists will provide 1000 artificial limbs.

          “The objective of such camp is to help amputees to not only stand or move but to reintegrate into society with dignity. We aim to socially, economically and physically rehabilitate the handicapped persons. The BMVSS has undertaken the venture to help the handicapped Afghans,” D R Mehta, founder and chief patron of the organisation, said.  Limbs are provided free of cost to the handicapped who have lost limb below the knee and also above the knee.

          The camp is being sponsored by Al Falah bank.  BMVSS has provided the artificial limbs to over 1.4 million since 1975 world over that included countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Nairobi, Panama, Philippines, Rwanda, Somalia, Trinidad, Vietnam, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Mauritius, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Fiji, Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal, Malawi, Dominican Republic apart from Afghanistan.

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