Anti India activities along Nepal Border

New Delhi,India-Nepal border is an open border allowing free movement for citizens of both the countries. Although from time to time the open border is misused by unscrupulous elements for smuggling contraband items, fake currency and other criminal activities, there has been no substantial increase thereof. 
Both sides cooperate closely to counter such activities. A comprehensive institutional framework has been established, with regular meetings at the levels of Home Secretaries, border guarding forces i.e. SSB of India and APF of Nepal and District Administration levels i.e. DMs in India and CDOs in Nepal border districts to strengthen cross-border cooperation to curb such activities. The Government of Nepal has assured that it will not allow its territory to be used for any activity against India. This Information was given by answer the Minister of state in the Ministry of External Affairs Gen. Retd. V. K. Singh in Lok Sabha today. 
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