Civil Nuclear Co-Operation

New Delhi,India has signed civil nuclear cooperation agreements with France, United States (US), Russia, Namibia, Canada, Argentina, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic and Republic of Korea; Memorandum of Understanding on civil nuclear cooperation has been signed with Mongolia. A joint declaration has also been signed with United Kingdom. 
These agreements are in different stages of implementation. Recently the commercial contract for construction of two additional reactors at Kudankulam was finalized pursuant to the civil nuclear cooperation agreement with Russia. An Early Works Agreement has been concluded between Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd and Westinghouse Electric Company (WEC) of the US with regard to the construction of two nuclear power reactors at Mithi Virdi in Gujarat. Supply of uranium for fuelling India’s indigenous nuclear power reactors has also taken place from France, Russia and Kazakhstan pursuant to the signing of the above mentioned Agreements.
 There is no proposal to review the 123 nuclear Agreements with the US. This Information was given by answer the Minister of state in the Ministry of External Affairs Gen. Retd. V. K. Singh in Lok Sabha today. 
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