Kolkata,Giving impetus to army's efforts in keeping city's Maidan area green, civil society groups, NGOs and schoolchildren joined hands with the custodian of the land, Headquarters Bengal Area, to launch a reinvigorated plantation campaign, here today.

Campaign 'O2000' - derived by fusing the chemical formula of the ubiquitous oxygen with the figure 2000, roughly the number of saplings aimed to be planted, GOC Bengal Area, Lt Gen Raman Dhawan led the initiative by planting a sapling that was followed by plantations by others including students from nearly 25 city-based schools.

Based on the survival statistics of the plantations of previous years, saplings of hard-variety and deep-rooted ones measuring roughly three feet were planted that will survive vagaries of weather and other vicissitudes of times. In addition, a sturdy tree guard around the saplings were also erected to ensure further survivability.
The organisations that participated in the campaign with the army include Kolkata Municipal Corporation, State Public Works Department, Sidha Group and Centre for Contemporary Communication besides NCC cadets and students from schools including Army Public School, Ballygunje, La Martiniere, Loreto and Modern High School among others.

It may be mentioned that in recent times even media organisations have joined the efforts of enhancing greenery by adding trees in Maidan. The endeavor made by youth brigades in preceding years is evidently seen as a Palm tree garden opposite Victoria Memorial attracts a large number of visitors here.

Gen Dhawan thanked the civil society groups, NGOs and others who contributed towards the initiatives for a greener and cleaner Maidan. He also expressed hope that the saplings would be looked after by PWD and KMC till they become fully grown trees in times to come.

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