Protection of human rights in Sri Lanka

New Delhi,Government has consistently called upon Sri Lanka during bilateral discussions and in the international fore to fulfill its commitments made to the international community on effective and timely implementation of all the constructive recommendations contained in its Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) Report including those pertaining to missing persons, detainees, reduction of 'high security zones', return of private lands by the military and withdrawal of security forces from the civilian domain in the Northern Province. Government remains engaged with Government of Sri Lanka to take forward the process of reconciliation and, in the spirit of partnership, encourage them to take forward the dialogue with the elected representatives of the Sri Lankan Tamils. 
Since the end of conflict in Sri Lanka, the focus of Government has been on the welfare and well being of the Tamils citizens of Sri Lanka. Their resettlement and rehabilitation have been of the highest and most immediate priority. Government has implemented and continues to implement a wide range of projects covering assistance projects for IDPs in the areas of housing, de-mining, education, connectivity, livelihood restoration, economic revival, etc. It may be noted that due to our engagement with the Government of Sri Lanka on reconstruction and other issues, a modicum of normalcy is returning to the Tamil areas in Sri Lanka. 
This Information was given by the Minister of state in the Ministry of External Affairs and Overseas Indian Affairs Gen. Retd. Dr. V. K. Singh in Lok Sabha today. 
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