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Jaipur,Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) Day 2014 was celebrated at Jaipur  with traditional élan and festivity. The programme included various events for health care and empowerment of Army wives. They were also educated on ‘ Nari Suraksha’, Saving and Insurance Schemes.
Army Wives Welfare Association is one of the largest registered NGOs of India. It has charted a course of  fulfilling societal obligation, social empowerment and skill building of Army wives and families since its inception in 1966.
Besides, looking after the Veer Naris, War widows and wives of ex-serviceman through various outreach programme is one of the noble ventures of AWWA. 

The spirit of AWWA enshrined in its motto of ASHA, WISHWAS and AASTHA, epitomizes  the noble cause of the Army Wives Welfare Association  (AWWA). Mrs Abha Pandey, Off iciating Regional President AWWA, South Western Command was the Chief Guest at the AWWA function.