Chittorgarh,Chief Minister Smt. Vasundhara Raje has said that our aim is to make the state open defecation free in the next two years and we need cooperation from all to fulfill this task. She said Bikaner, Churu, Hanumangarh, Ganganagar and Pali districts are doing well to become open defecation free and now the state government will take this task up in all over the state, she added. Smt. Raje was addressing people at Jansunvai programme in Chittorgarh district on Friday.
CM Enjoys Chatni-Roti in Banjara Basti, Talks With Banjara Women:
Smt. Raje enjoyed Chatni-Roti in Banjara basti at Banjaron Ka Khera village of Kuthna Panchayat in Chittorgarh district. While having meal at Nathu Banjara’s hut she talked to his wife and other Banjara women about their routine work, upbringing of their children, their eduation and problems of their basti. When she asked children that whether they go to school or not the children replied in negative. Smt. Raje asked Banjara women to send their children in school. ‘If children would study and make progress it will pave way for the progress of the family’, she said.   
Students of Class Four Could Not Read Book, Teacher Suspended:
Smt. Raje made inspection of government primary school, Meeraganj in Bhadsoda where a single teacher was teaching 16 students. She was angry to know that students studying in class four were not able to read and write. She asked collector to take action against the teacher Ramlal, BEO and other officials. After this teacher Ram Lal was suspended and the BEO was given chargesheet.
She also directed to prepare a list of schools having less students and where teachers are not teaching properly. She said strict action should be taken against the teachers and officials who are careless about their duty. She asked village Sarpanch that why he did not inform about the plight of the school.
The Chief Minister also made sudden inspection of Juna Keer Khera Upper Primary School in Panchayat Samiti Kapasan. The school headmistress and villagers present there informed Smt. Raje that sanction was given for construction of two rooms for school but these two rooms were constructed somewhere else instead of the school premise. Knowing this Smt. Raje asked collector and DEO to take action against people responsible for this.
Smt. Raje made inspection of Veterinary Hospital in Bhadsoda village on her way to Rashmi from Chittorgarh. She asked doctors to give better results in the cases of artificial insemination. She also directed to make improvement in the present facilities in hospital.
Will Not Tolerate Encroachement:
Taking seriously the complaints of encroachment Smt. Raje said people who have made encroachment should remove the encroachment themselves. She said if there is no encroachment on forest land and pasture land than our livestock would have grazing land and it will be beneficial for our environment also.
I Am Being Questioned About My Work in Eight Months:
Smt. Raje said people who ruled for 60 years and did nothing are not being questioned but I am being asked questions about my work in my eight month’s tenure. She made it clear that the people of the state have given mandate to her for five years so they will have to keep patience and we will deliver the promise we have made.
She said we have to focus only on development for the progress of our state. Our government is providing skill training to youth to make them skilled for employment. Self-employment cells are also being opened in universities. We will provide employment opportunities to the youth, she said.
CM Offered Prayers at Sanwalia Seth and Lord Vishnu Temple in Chittorgarh:
The Chief Minister offered prayer at the famous Sanwalia Seth Temple of Chittorgarh and Lord Vishnu Temple at Rolia village in Kapasan. She prayed for the prosperity and well-being of the state.
CM also visited the famous religious place Matrikundiya in Chittorgarh and offered prayer at Dwarkdheesh and Mangaleshwar Mahadev Temple. At Matrikundiya Smt. Raje enjoyed the roasted corn.
Ajwain (Carrom Seeds) Mandi to Be Opened in Kapasan :
Chief Minister said a special Krishi Upaj Mandi will be opened in Kapasan for Ajwain (Carrom Seeds). She also made announcement regarding opening of Agriculture stream in Senior Secondary School, Bhimgarh and 10 Livestock Development Centres in Chittorgarh district.
CM Asks IG to Take Immediate Action in Kidnapping Case:
  Relatives of a 15 year old girl who had been kidnapped from the Udaipur city met Smt. Raje during Jansunvai in Chittorgarh district and described their sufferings. Taking the matter seriously Smt. Raje asked Divisional Commissioner and IG Udaipur Range to take immediate action in this matter. She said negligency in such cases will not be tolerated.

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