HC’s Directive to Check Female Foetus Killing Now a Doctor can serve at not more than Two Sonography Centers

Suman Rajiv
Jaipur/Kota (Rajasthan), Aiming at checking the rising number of female foetus killing in the State and improving the declining gender ration, High Court of Rajasthan has ordered the chief medical and health officers and district nodal officers of PCPNDT cell to restrict the sonography doctors from paying their services at more than two centers. State project director (PCPNDT) & deputy director (RCH) and in –charge, State PCPNDT cell, medical and health services, Rajasthan has dispatched order on this September 20 to all districts CMHOs and district nodal officers of PCPNDT cell for necessary action for the enforcement of the decision by High Court. 
       According to High Court order, a trained degree holder sonologist and radiologist can not serve at more than two sonography centers and in case of violation, departmental action would be initiated against him.
       Dr. R.N. Yadav, chief medical and health officer of Kota and also the district nodal officer of PCPNDT cell confirmed to have received the direction regarding it from the High Court. ‘High Court order regarding it was received recently and we have written official letters to the sonologists and radiologists in the district asking them to submit soon the names of two sonography centers where they are paying or want to pay their services. Dr. Yadav further informed there are 104 sonography machines operating currently  in Kota district.
       Bundi district PCPNDT coordinator Rajiv Lochan claimed Bundi is only the district in the State where this guideline over sonologists and trained doctors is already enforced.  Lochan further told there are 12 sonography centers in district where 8 sonologists and trained doctors are paying their services. ‘Bundi district medical and health department has already taken affidavits regarding two serving sonography centers from these doctors’, told Lochan.   

       The order was passed by the state High Court when the honorable court came to know through a petition that there are more than 1700 sonography centers registered in the State and only 350 trained radiologists and sonologists working over them making it clear that untrained practitioners are working over 1000 sonograpghy centers of the State as all the sonograpgy centers are regularly submitting their reports. The High Court felt this situation also responsible for unbalancing the male –female child ratio in the state and passed this order while rejecting his petition for interim relief in the matter.   (smrjvrai@yahoo.com)

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