-By : G.N.Bhatt
Jaipur,Rajasthan is a treasure trove of delightful products made by gifted hands-Textiles, Ready-mades. Paintings, Blue Pottery, Marble ware and more... all of which are showcased in the Rajasthan Pavilion at the India International Trade Fair IITF 2014 being organised in New Delhi.
            Rajasthan Pavilion has received more than once the best and finest gold, silver and bronze medals at the International Trade Fair. Rajasthan pavilion is the centre of attraction of the visitors this time also as every year, because Rajasthan State is number one not only in the country but in the world in the field of handicrafts.
            Immersed in tradition, it is a treasure – trove of superb handicrafts created by skilled craftsperson's whose excellent workmanship has earned the handicrafts global reputation. Textiles, handicrafts, IT, retail, construction, security, tourism & hospitality and more… all of which are showcased in the pavilion.   
Pavilion Facade
            The pavilion’s structure, representative of a typical Rajasthani “Haveli”, has been decorated with blow-ups in line with this year’s theme of IITF- “Women entrepreneurs ". This theme is designed and developed by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO). Keeping this theme in the centre the entire Rajasthan pavilion has been decorated with the famous handicrafts of the State. Rajasthani printed sarees, Antique handicrafts, artistic toys, decorative items; furniture etc. has been prominently displayed here to visitors.
The Pavilion
            The imposing structure of the Rajasthan pavilion in its distinct Haveli-Style architecture calls the attention of every visitor. The main entrances of the pavilion has been decorated with the replica of Lord Ganesh Pol of Aamer Fort of Jaipur in Jaipur style and have prepared the artifact of Tonk's Sunhari Kothi according to main theme of trade fair fashioned by artisans of Rajasthan.
            Attractive artifact of "Jaigarh Cannon” has been established to both side of the main entrance of the pavilion. Middle area of pavilion has been decorated with tourist destinations and tourism products of the state. The length and breadth of the pavilion accommodate blow-ups, informative panels, dummies, live demonstrations etc. The ground floor has been allocated to displays and live demos in consonance with this year’s theme.
Theme of the Pavilion
            This year’s theme of the pavilion is in line with this year’s theme of IITF- “Women entrepreneurs ". The pavilion showcases all the impressive facets of Women entrepreneur and creation of opportunities for better livelihood for women. The sectors of textiles, handicrafts, retail, tourism & hospitality, construction, security, gems & jewelers, repair & servicing etc. are focused upon to project Rajasthan’s fast- forward in skill development for employment of women. And all this is in harmony with the traditional skills handed down from generation to generation as seen in handicrafts and textile creations of Rajasthan.
Business Centre
            Here, a Bureau of Investment Promotion (BIP) cell is offering guidance and financial assistance to entrepreneurs, while the Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation (RSIC) offers export infrastructure support and promotion of handicrafts and providing all business-related information to visiting entrepreneurs. Every part of the pavilion is decorated with Rajasthani paintings.                                                                                                                    
Central Display Area
            The Central Display Area has been attractively done up by the Tourism Department of Rajasthan highlighting the historical and cultural attractions of the state which have made it a preferred destination for tourists from across India and around the world.
Sales Counters on First Floor
Take home delightful articles from Rajasthan
            The Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation Limited, Jaipur- the nodal agency responsible for setting up the Rajasthan State Pavilion, has its sales counters on the first floor for a variety of Textiles & Artifacts. Also on sale here are Leather Items & Mojaris, Readymade Garments, Handloom & Khadi and Eco-Friendly Jute Products, Wooden Articles, Handicrafts, Sarees, Furniture, Jaipuri Quilts etc.
            A comprehensive and unbeatable range of different shapes and size of Jaipuri quilts is available at Rajasthan Pavilion."These quilts are very qualitative and light weight, are for long time use as the products are made of high grade pure cotton,"
            Price range of Jaipuri quilts available between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 18,000 with plain, dyed, fancy cotton material or with viscose border, embroidery, appliqué works as well as printed, ring spun or open quality yarns. These are made up of finest material and are very warm and comfortable. The world famous Jaipuri pure cotton double-bed quilts with traditional Sanganeri hand block print are also available at the Quilt Hut in Rajasthan Pavilion.
Magic of Thewa Art Attracting the Visitors
Rajasthan's proficient Thewa artisans are attracting the visitors particularly the women  in great numbers.  
Thewa art, the miniature carving gold on ornaments, of Rajasthan has made ​​a different identity in the world. This unique art originated in 17th century. Initially only red, blue, green coloured precious stones, diamonds, emerald were used in this art to design ornaments. These days, however, it is intricate on yellow, black and pink-coloured precious glasses as well.
The Bazaar
            For the eager shoppers among you, there is the inviting bazaar, stocking delectable products from the land of the Maharajas - Rajasthan. Take your pick from Tilpatti, Papads, Pickles, Mangodi, Milk Products, Gajak, Ayurvedic Churan, Cold Drinks & Sharbat, Bikaneri Namkeen, Saunf Supari and Roasted Namkeen. Also available are Textiles, Handicrafts, Quilts and Lac Bangles.
Relax & refresh
            After having walked around the Pavilion, it's time to relax and refresh. Try some mouth-watering ready-to-eat packed food and then move on... with a gush of energy!
Attraction of perfected Craftsmen

            Perfected Craftsmen in various parts of the state have been especially invited at this time in Rajasthan pavilion. Among them, Mr. Gopal Prasad Sharma from Jaipur performing their art of "Miniature painting'' is unmatched. Similarly, Mrs. Nainsi Sharma of Jaipur is exhibiting unattended Jewelry and similarly, Mr. Chandra Gurjar has come from Jodhpur district of Rajasthan to demonstrate artistic "Jutiyon Mojdion".
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